By turns suspenseful and comic, devastating and hopeful, Lowboy is a fearless exploration of youth, sex, and violence in contemporary America, seen through one boy s haunting and extraordinary vision Early one morning in New York City, Will Heller, a sixteen yearold paranoid schizophrenic, gets on

A Century of Subways: Celebrating 100 Years of New York's Underground Railways

Brian Cudahy offers a fascinating tribute to the world the subway created Taking a fresh look at one of the marvels of the 20th century, Cudahy creates a vivid sense of this extraordinary achievement how the city was transformed once New Yorkers started riding in a hole in the ground.

Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche

It was a clear spring day, Monday, March 20, 1995, when five members of the religious cult Aum Shinrikyo conducted chemical warfare on the Tokyo subway system using sarin, a poison gas twenty six times as deadly as cyanide The unthinkable had happened, a major urban transit system had become the

The Race Underground: Boston, New York, and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America’s First Subway

In the late nineteenth century, as cities like Boston and New York grew congested, the streets became clogged with plodding, horse drawn carts When the great blizzard of 1888 crippled the entire northeast, a solution had to be found Two brothers from one of the nation s great families Henry