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The Tombs of Atuan (Earthsea Cycle, #2) EPUB The Tombs Of Atuan Earthsea Cycle, 2 Author Ursula K Le Guin Chardonneret.eu The Nameless Ones Have Called Young Tenar To Serve As Their High Priestess Since She Was Five Years Old They Gave Her The Name Arha, The Eaten One, And With That Name, Her Life Changed Forever In The Desolate Place Of The Tombs In The Deserts Of The Lands Of Atuan, Her Life S Sacred Duty Is To Guard The Lightless Labyrinthine Tombs Of Atuan And The Great Treasure That Lies Deep Within Their Caves But A Thief Appears A Young Wizard Named Ged Braves The Darkness Of The Catacombs In Search Of The Tombs Greatest Hidden Treasure, The Broken Ring Of Erreth Akbe Ged Has The Power To Make The Ring Whole Again But Ged Also Brings With Him The Light Of Magic And Now Arha Must Choose Between The Darkness And Power She Knows And The Future Ged Offers Her.