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Cowboy Discover The Real Life World Of Working Cowboys From Longhorns And Lariats To Chuckwagons, Chaps, Rodeos, And RanchesHere Is An Energetic And Informative Look At The Working Lives Of Cowboys From Around The World Spectacular Real Life Photographs Of Horses, Cattle, Branding Irons, And Lariats Offer A Unique Eyewitness View Of Life On The Range See What An Authentic Chuckwagon Looks Like, How An Expert Ropes A Calf, A Rodeo Rider In Action On A Wild Steer, How A Saddle Is Made, And A Mongolian Herdsman Lassoing A Wild Horse Learn Where Wild Horses And Bulls Live In France, Why Cowboys Wear Chaps, How To Tame A Bucking Bronco, And Why A Gaucho Decorates His Belt With Silver Coins Discover How Annie Oakley Got Her Nickname, Why An Australian Saddle Has No Horn, And How The Cowboy S Romantic Image Influenced Music And Films, And Much, Much