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Europe Under the Terror PDF Epub Europe Under The Terror Author John Louis Spivak Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Within Recent Years New Forces Have Swept Over Great Nations, Crashing Against The Established Order And, In Some Cases, Obliterating It The Old Forces, Which Survived The Centuries, Are Struggling Desperately To Maintain Themselves Against The Tides Sweeping In From Several Different Seas In Country After Country, The Old Form Of Democratic Government Has Been Supplanted By The New Order Called Fascism In Many Countries Where Fascism Has Not Been Victorious, Powerful Movements Are Under Way To Establish It And Equally Powerful Movements Are Struggling Bitterly To Prevent It Millions Of Earnest And Honest Citizens, Tired Of The Disordered State Of Economic And Political Affairs, Have Turned To Fascism As The Only Obstacle To Prevent The Disintegration Of What We Know As Civilization And A Resultant Chaos Other Equally Earnest And Honest Citizens Regard This New Order As The Most Intolerable Form Of Government Imaginable And Are Fighting This New Force With All The Energy They Can Muster, As In France And In Spain There The Anti Fascist Forces Developed Tremendous Power By Uniting With Their Own Political Enemies To Save Themselves And Their Countries From Fascism.