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Creepy-Ass Dolls Creepy Ass Dolls Is Full Of Twisted Little Porcelain And Plastic Playmates With Chilling Thoughts, Sinister Plans, And Disturbing Enjoyments This Book Offers A Glimpse Into The Secret Life Of Dolls With A Yearbook Approach Not Only Based Around Portrait Photos, But Also What The Dolls Are Most Likely To Do, Personal Mottos And Quotes, And.This Fun And Kooky Book Sheds Light On The Otherwise Unknown Lives Of These Creepy Little Playmates Remember, There S A Reason They Were Kept In A Toy Box.Author Stacey Brooks Is A Graphic Designer And Freelance Artist, And Is The Co Founder Of G.H.O.S.T Ghosts, Hauntings, And Other Strange Things Paranormal Societyand She Keeps The Door To Her Doll Room Boarded Up At All Times.