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Whatever Happened to the Soul? Ebook Whatever Happened To The Soul H Newton Malony Horsebackridingcolorado.us Winner Of Prize For Outstanding Book In Theology And The Natural SciencesAs Science Crafts Increasingly Detailed Accounts Of Human Nature, What Has Become Of The Soul Are Traditional Religious And Philosophical Accounts Of The Person Still Cogent This Collaborative Project Strives For Greater Consonance Between Contemporary Science And Christian Faith Outstanding Scholars In Biology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Theology, Biblical Studies, And Ethics Join Here To Offer Contemporary Accounts Of Human Nature Consistent With Christian Teaching Their Central Theme Is A Nondualistic Account Of The Human Person That Does Not Consider The Soul An Entity Separable From The Body Scientific Statements About The Physical Nature Of Human Beings Are About Exactly The Same Entity As Are Theological Statements Concerning The Spiritual Nature Of Human Beings.For All Those Interested In Fundamental Questions Of Human Identity Posed By The Present Context, This Volume Will Provide A Fascinating And Authoritative Resource.