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JLA PDF Epub JLA By Christopher Moeller Capitalsoftworks.co.uk One Of The Year S Grandest, Most Breathtaking Adventures Unfolds In This 112 Page Instant Classic That Continues The Proud New Tradition Of JLA Original Hardcover Graphic Novels Begun By Last Year S Smash Hit JLA Earth 2.Written And Fully Painted By The Brilliantly Gifted Christopher Moeller, JLA A League Of One Is An Epic Story In Which The Justice League Is Divided Against Itself In A Heartbreaking Battle To The Death An Ancient, Evil Dragon Awakens From His Subterranean Slumber Once Again To Menace A World That S Forgotten That Such Monsters Of Flame And Guile Ever Existed But The New World Of Today Has Its Own Round Table Of Protectors In The Form Of The JLA.When Wonder Woman Goes To The Infallible Oracle And Learns That The JLA Is Destined To Die In Battle Against The Dragon, She Must Make The Most Difficult Decision Of Her Life Embarking On A Terrible, Unwinnable Quest To Thwart Fate, Putting Her At Odds With Those She Loves Most In JLA A League Of One, Superman, Batman And The Rest Of The League Learn That While Some Heroes Maybe Wonder Woman S Match, None Surpass Her JLA A League Of One Is A Sumptuous Visual Feast, A Rich Tapestry Of Storytelling That Is Poetic In Its Soaring Beauty.