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Catfish and Mandala Ebook Catfish And Mandala Author Andrew X Pham Survivingtheholocaust.us Catfish And Mandala Is The Story Of An American Odyssey A Solo Bicycle Voyage Around The Pacific Rim To Vietnam Made By A Young Vietnamese American Man In Pursuit Of Both His Adopted Homeland And His Forsaken Fatherland Andrew X Pham Was Born In Vietnam And Raised In California His Father Had Been A POW Of The Vietcong His Family Came To America As Boat People Following The Suicide Of His Sister, Pham Quit His Job, Sold All Of His Possessions, And Embarked On A Year Long Bicycle Journey That Took Him Through The Mexican Desert, Around A Thousand Mile Loop From Narita To Kyoto In Japan And, After Five Months And 2,357 Miles, To Saigon, Where He Finds Nothing Familiar In The Bombed Out Darkness In Vietnam, He S Taken For Japanese Or Korean By His Countrymen, Except, Of Course, By His Relatives, Who Doubt That As A Vietnamese He Has The Stamina To Complete His Journey Only Westerners Can Do It And In The United States He S Considered Anything But American A Vibrant, Picaresque Memoir Written With Narrative Flair And An Eye Opening Sense Of Adventure, Catfish And Mandala Is An Unforgettable Search For Cultural Identity.