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Real Rape, Real Pain: Help for women sexually assaulted by male partners Reading Real Rape, Real Pain Help For Women Sexually Assaulted By Male Partners By Patricia Easteal Ls17.eu Real Rape, Real Pain Is A Book May Make You Feel Uncomfortable, In That It Tackles The Violence And Unpleasantness Of Rape Within Marriage It Forces Us To Confront The Hidden Violence In Our Society It Challenges The Silence And Secrecy About Marital Rape As The Authors Say, Violence Is About Using Power And Control, Not About Being Out Of Control There Is No Excuse For Marital Violence Ever The Aims Of The Book Are Changing The Rape Culture And Helping Survivors Chapters Cover Identifying Rape In Marriage, Women At Risk, Staying With A Partner Who Has Raped You, Sexuality After Partner Rape, A Safety Plan, And Numerous Other Issues Related To Partner Rape As American Author Monika Ostroff Says, Real Rape, Real Pain Is The Compassionate, Loving Friend That Reaches Into The Darkness To The Sufferer Of Partner Rape, Offering Hope And Help For A Healthy Life, Free From Violence A Wise Teacher, This Book Will Inform Everyone From Professionals Working In The Field To Family Members Of Women Being Victimized To Politicians Who Are Empowered To Make The Necessary Changes To Ensure Safety On All Our Behalves This Book Is A Beacon Of Light That Illuminates A Dark, Misunderstood Yet Incredibly Common Phenomenon Of Violence It Is A Must Read For Every Survivor, Family Member, Clinician, And Politician