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Opening the Ark of the Covenant The Ark Of The Covenant Is At Once The Most Famous And Baffling Article In History Although It Is Cited Often Than Any Other Object Throughout The Old Testament And Was Described As The Ancient Hebrews Most Precious Possession, Its Real Meaning And Ultimate Fate Were Utterly Unknown Until Now During His Worldwide Research Into Its Disappearance, Author, Frank Joseph, Learned That The Ark Was Not A Mere Legend Nor Was It Just An Elaborate Box Used To Store The Original Ten Commandments It Was, He Asserts, Purpose Built To Harness The Powers Of The Earth For Humanity S Continued Physical Existence And Spiritual Evolution As Such, It Is The Single Most Priceless Fortune Mankind Has Ever Possessed Following The Ark Through The Book Of Exodus, He Discovered Its Lineage Pre Dated The Bible, Extending Back In Time To Ancient Egypt And Stories Of Lost Atlantis.