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The Red Fairy Book - Folio Society Edition This Bold And Eclectic Anthology Opens With The Story Of The Twelve Dancing Princesses Who Each Night Row Across The Lake With Their Captured Princes And Closes With A Timeless Epic Of War And Heroism, The Story Of Sigurd , Taken From William Morris S Version Of The Volsunga Saga In Between Are Morality Tales And Animal Fables, Chilling Ghost Stories, Tongue In Cheek Romances, Classics Like Jack And The Beanstalk And Rapunzel , Little Known Stories Such As The True History Of Little Goldenhood , Which Offers A Twist On The Traditional Red Riding Hood Story.The Beautifully Detailed Drawings By Niroot Puttapipat Adorning This Volume Recall The Very Best Of Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations Whether Handsome Princes, Beautiful Maidens Or Hens Laying Golden Eggs, The Magic Of Each Is Perfectly Evoked.Classic Stories Included In This Collection The Twelve Dancing Princesses The Princess Mayblossom Soria Moria Castle The Death Of Koshchei The Deathless The Black Thief And Knight Of The Glen The Master Thief Brother And Sister Princess Rosette The Enchanted Pig The Norka Jack And The Beanstalk The Little Good Mouse Graciosa And Percinet The Three Princesses Of Whiteland The Voice Of Death The Six Sillies Kari Woodengown Drakestail The Ratcatcher The True History Of Little Golden Hood The Golden Branch The Three Dwarfs Dapplegrim The Twelve Brothers Rapunzel The Nettle Spinner Farmer Weatherbeard Mother Holle Minnikin Bushy Bride Snowdrop The Golden Goose The Seven Foals The Marvellous Musicians The Story Of Sigurd The Enchanted Canary The Wonderful Birch.