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Das Amokspiel This Was Supposed To Be The Last Day Of Her Life Renowned Criminal Psychologist Ira Samin Can No Longer Bear The Feelings Of Guilt Inspired By Her Eldest Daughter S Death And Has Decided To Commit Suicide The Preparations Are All In Place When Samin Is Summoned To A Radio Station Where People Have Been Taken Hostage By A Violent Psychopath A Macabre Game Will Decide The Fate Of The Victims From The Studio, The Hostage Taker Dials Numbers At Random If The Phone Is Answered Correctly , A Hostage Is Released If Not, The Hostage Will Be Shot The Man Threatens To Continue The Game Until His Fianc E Arrives At The Studio, But There Is One Major Problem She Has Has Been Dead For Over Half A Year Samin Is Assigned The Seemingly Hopeless Task Of Negotiating With Him, While Their Conversations Are Broadcast Live On Air