[Ebook] The Beast of Cretacea By Todd Strasser – Horsebackridingindiana.us

The Beast of Cretacea When Seventeen Year Old Ishmael Wakes Up From Stasis Aboard The Pequod, He Is Amazed By How Different This Faraway Planet Is From The Dirty, Dying, Shroud Covered Earth He Left Behind But Ishmael Isn T There To Marvel At The Fresh Air, Sunshine, And Endless Blue Ocean He S There To Work, Risking His Life To Hunt Down Great Ocean Dwelling Beasts To Harvest And Send Back To The Resource Depleted Earth And Getting Paid Handsomely In Exchange Only It Isn T A Life Of Luxury That Ishmael Dreams Of It S A Way To Get His Foster Parents Safely Off The Crumbling Earth Before It S Too LateBut Though Easy Prey Abounds, Time And Again The Chase Boat Crews Are Ordered To Ignore It In Order To Pursue An Elusive Monster A Beast So Enormous And Deadly That Few Who Ve Seen It Have Lived To Tell The Tale One Who Has Is The Ship S Captain, Ahab It S Rud That He Lost His Leg To The Beast Years Ago And That He S Now Consumed By Revenge But Is There To Captain Ahab S Obsession With The Beast Than A Desire For Vengeance Master Storyteller Todd Strasser Breathes New Life Into A Great American Classic And Takes Readers On An Epic Adventure They Won T Soon Forget