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True Crime BOOKS True Crime Author Bryan Gibson Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us The Streets Of Newark Or At Least The Parts Where I Am Are A Filthy, Concrete Carpet Made Up Of Mostly Garbage No, That S Not Right A Few Blocks Down From Norfolk Avenue Brings You Closer To Rutgers University, And The Closer You Get To There The Farther You Get Away From The Shattered Glass, Discarded Boxes, Used Syringes, Tossed News Papers, Dumped Mail, Crusty Baby Bottles, Busted Strollers, And, I M Guessing, In Many Of The Old Suitcases I Ve Spotted Here, The Remains Of What A Lunatic Once Called Life Unworthy Of Life, Unsolved Homicides That Could Be Easily Solved If Detectives Bothered Opening The Cases, Unfastening Or Unzipping The Final Resting Places Of The Forgotten In This Sequel To 2008 S True Crime, Vince Is Out Of The Asylum And Restless Unable To Paint, He Takes On Another Bizarre Case, Hired By A Client Who Considers It Life Or Death From The Shadows Of Jersey City To The Darkness Of Newark, Vince Recounts His Most Perilous Adventure, One Leading Him Back To Where He Never Wanted To Be The Edge Of Madness.