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Burdened By Guilt Ebook Burdened By Guilt By Michiko Katsu Eiyo.us Detective Mike Anderson Must Rely On The Insights Of Sexy English Professor Suzanne Kelly To Help Him Solve The Mystery When The Dismembered Body Of A Murder Victim Is Found With A Note From A Classic Work Of Literature Drained Of Blood And Chopped Into Pieces The Note Is His Only Clue He Is Desperate For Her Direction But She Keeps Him In Suspense When She Warns This May Not Be The Last Although Impressed With Her Knowledge, Her Resemblance To His Murdered Wife Unnerves Him And He Steels Himself Against The Potential Of An Inappropriate And Untimely Romance.Confused By The Clue S Relevance He Struggles To Find The Killer While Saddled With An Overly Enthusiastic Rookie Partner, Kevin McKay Handpicked By The Lieutenant With Whom He Shares A Mutual Hatred, Mike Wonders Where Kevin S Loyalties Lie Add On An Internal Affairs Investigation And He Doesn T Know Who To Trust.Compelled To See Her Again, A Second Body With A Second Note Gives Him The Excuse He Needs But After His Second Visit, Someone Attacks Suzanne In Her Office Resurrecting The Guilt He Feels Over Not Saving His Wife And The Fear He May Be Responsible For Endangering Suzanne Unable To Resist Her Vulnerabilities He Spends A Passionate Night With Her Compromising Himself And The Investigation.Her Attack Uncovers A Violent Past And Stolen Identity Linking Her To The Two Murders When Children Discover A Third Body And A Witness Places A Woman Fitting Suzanne S Description At The Scene, Mike Knows He S Been Had There Are No Coincidences In A Murder Investigation And His Paranoia Grows As Kevin Was The One Who Recommended Her.This Close To Finding His Killer, I.A Stops Mike Dead When The Mystery Of Stolen Evidence From His Previous Cases Conveniently Matches Evidence In His Triple Homicide Making Him A Suspect In His Own Investigation Suspended And Without Support Mike Must Clear His Name And Find The Person Responsible But When Both Kevin And Suzanne Mysteriously Turn Up Missing He Fears He May Have Let The Two Prime Murder Suspects Go Free.