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The Dead Metalhead The Dead Metalhead Is A Novel And A Work Of Fiction It Is A Psychological Thriller Centered Around A Metal Music Fan Order Ebook From Page Dead Metalhead If Truth Be Told, He Resorts To Metal When His Mental Peace Is Shaken Call It A Medication For His Disturbed Soul Or Is It His Companion In Times Of Need A Private Conversation Between The Two Setting Things All Right Well, Whatever Be The Mien Of Relationship Between Him And Metal, Nothing Cloaks His Immaculate Fondness For The Latter For Only He Truly Knows What Metal Gives Him.What Good Is Your Music When No One Else But You, Are Left To Listen To It You Need To Get It Out And Do All You Can, Relentlessly, Until You Are Up There Guttering Out Your Vocals, Tiring Out Your Drums, Screeching Off Your Solos Or Plucking Out Your Bass With Your Head Hung Over It, Under A Hundred Lights, Bright Enough To Hide The Moon And The Stars From You When You Look Up At The Sky Because On That Night, You Are The Star, You Are The Moon You Become The Force And Everyone Headbangs To You.