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The Thoughts Of The Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Perhaps Some May Question The Wisdom Of Putting Out The Thoughts OfMarcus Aurelius Antoninus To Be Used As A Reader By Children In Theschools It May Appear To Them Better Suited To The Mature Mind Theprinciple, However, That Has Governed Us In Selecting Reading For Theyoung Has Been To Secure The Best That We Could Find In All Ages Forgrown Up People The Milk And Water Diet Provided For My Dear Children Is Not Especially Complimentary To Them They Like To Be Treated Likelittle Men And Women, Capable Of Appreciating A Good Thing One Finds Inthis Royal Philosopher A Rare Generosity, Sweetness And Humility,qualities Alike Suited To All Ages.Adopting The Philosopher S Robe At Twelve, He Remains A Student All Hislife The Precepts That He Would Give For The Government Of Others, Hehas Practised Upon Himself In His Time, As In Ours, There Were Goodphysicians For The Mind And Body, Who Could Make Wise Prescriptions Forthe Government Of Their Neighbors, But Were Unable To Apply Them Tothemselves The Faults Of Our Fellows Are So Numerous And So Easy To Curethat One Is Readily Tempted To Become The Physician, While Our Own Faultsare So Few And So Unimportant That It Is Hardly Worth While To Give Anyattention To Them Hence We Have A Multitude Of Physicians For Humanityin General, And A Scarcity Of Individual Healers.