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Lexi Greenes Dangerous Lesson Epub Lexi Greenes Dangerous Lesson Author C Zablockis Thomashillier.co.uk Lexi Never Understood Why Her Parents Kept Her Hidden From The World And Wouldn T Let Her Have Friends Her Mother Always Said It Had To Do With Her Being Special But What Was So Special About Being Able To Read Others Minds It Was A Parlor Trick And Not That Uncommon Trait For Someone To Possess From What She Read On The Web Actually, It Was Cool When She Thought About It It Didn T Make Sense To Keep Such A Gift Hidden From Everyone, Well, It Didn T Until Now This Short Story Takes Place Two Years Before The Zeuorian Awakening It Originally Was The Prologue To The Book And Removed If You Have Not Read Awakening, This Short Story Doesn T Have Any Spoilers.