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Desert Dragon (The Rostical Guild #2) Read Desert Dragon The Rostical Guild 2 Michael Rogers Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk In The Second Deliciously Exciting Installment, Niklauseh Continues To Use The Planet S Aurorions To Help Achieve His Hidden Agendas Stopped By The Holy Astraseeker, Arcadia, They Fall Into The Classic Battle Between The Power Of Light Versus The Power Of Darkness.Our Guild Reunites After Three Years Worth Of Training And Continues Their Adventure In Hopes Of Finding The Origins To The Yellow Eyed Disease.Lezard S Pure And Mysterious Radiatons Develop With His Emotions And He Is Now Able To Completely Restore The Entire Guild Rachael Learns How To Manipulate Sand And Dirt While Trevour Amazingly Activates His Ougi Karol, Through His Bloodline Activates The Guild S First Hi Ougi And Completely Decomposes Into A Protective Swirl Of Sand, And Together, Fends Off The Opponent.The Champion Displays Her Prodigy Like Master Of All Four Basic Elements And Becomes A Vital Ally To The Guild.Luna S Soul Link Is Heightened And Together With Destiny, Is Able To Use Lightning Based Arrows With Each Clue, Our Amazing Guild Takes One Step Closer To Help Nathan In Finding The Source Of The Corrupted Neurons Knowing This, The Consultants Send Off The Entire Black Brigade After The Guild, Will The Warriors Succeed Will The Guild S Happiness Come To An End Will They Ever Find What S Destroying The Environment And Will Lezard Ever Find Better Jokes Read To Find Out

  • ebook
  • Desert Dragon (The Rostical Guild #2)
  • Michael Rogers
  • English
  • 09 May 2019

About the Author: Michael Rogers

LIGHTNING BLAST With high morals, imagination and a delicious craze for fantasy, The Rostical Guild and The Rostical Users were born.Written like it s a script from a video game in an originally styled script, we hope to see our adventures on the big screen one day.Michael Rogers, an author that absolutely hates reading even his own series and has never read a full adult sized book in his life,