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Minitrends Reading Minitrends By John H Vanston Nature Explore.eu Find, Evaluate, Profit MINITRENDS Provides A Practical Formula For Extracting Business Opportunities From Emerging Trends That Have A Realistic Chance Of Becoming Profitable In The Next 2 5 Years Minitrends Are Of A Scope And Importance To Offer Attractive Business Opportunities To Individuals And Organizations That Are Alert Enough To Recognize Them, Perceptive Enough To Appreciate Them, And Clever Enough To Take Advantage Of Them Readers Learn How And Where To Search For Minitrends How To Evaluate The Business Attractiveness Of A Minitrend How To Develop An Effective Minitrend Explotation Scheme How To Turn The Scheme Into A Profitable Business Opportunity MINITRENDS Is Based On Author Dr John H Vanston S Than 30 Years Of Experience In Identifying And Applying Technical, Social, And Business Trends.The Book Shows Individual Entrepreneurs How To Identify, Assess, And Exploit New Business Opportunities Decision Makers In Small And Mid Size Businesses How To Gain Advantage By Recognizing And Utilizing Emerging Trends Innovative Thinkers In Large Businesses How To Distinguish Themselves By Their Special Perceptiveness Investors How To Uncover Attractive New Investment Opportunities In Addition To How To Advice, MINITRENDS Provides Background, Current Trends, And Business Opportunities For Several Attractive Minitrends.