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Sons of Mayhem (Sons of Mayhem, #1) Download Sons Of Mayhem Sons Of Mayhem, 1 Nikki Pink Undercostruction.eu SONS OF MAYHEM The First Novel The Bestselling Sons Of Mayhem Four Part Serial Finally Available In One Book This Includes Oil And Leather, Blood And Whisky, War And Vengeance And Snakes And Angels Combined Into One Novel Telling The Story Of Nicole And Jase And The Sons Of Mayhem The Individual Parts Have Been Re Edited And Proofed Before Being Combined Into One Novel SONS OF MAYHEM The First Novel Good Girl College Junior Nicole Is Bored Bored Of Her Boyfriend, Bored Of Frat Parties, Bored Of College Life And Bored Of Studying When A Chance To Party With Biker Gang, The Sons Of Mayhem, Comes Up She Jumps At It Nicole Is Thrilled To Meet The Charming But Dangerous Vice President Of The Club, Jase But When She Realizes That The Biker Lifestyle Is Rougher Than A Good College Girl Like Her Could Ever Have Imagined She Begins To Question What She S Getting Herself Into Feel The Thrill Of The Ride With Nicole And The Sons Of Mayhem PLEASE NOTE If You Read The Serial Parts 1 4 You Have Read This Already A New Novel In The Sons Of Mayhem Series Not A Serial Will Be Coming In Early 2014