[PDF / Epub] ✍ Life Strife ☁ James Bryant – Horsebackridingindiana.us

Life Strife Life Strife PDF Epub Author James Bryant Bystricepodhostynem.eu Since The Day We Were Born We Have All Suffered From The Exasperations Of This Thing That Follows Us Around Like A Lost Sheep Bleating Away Baa Baa Ruddy Baa Baa Yes, It S That Shadow That We Really Cannot Escape, The Concept Of Reality That We Call Life Every Day We Are Forced, By A Combination Of Society And Human Nature, To Endure The Kind Of Issues That The Vast Majority Of The Time We Ignore, Brushing Them Under The Carpet Out Of Our Current Thoughts Yet Of Course We Cannot Hide From Them Forever, For They Are Everywhere, Constantly Bombarding Our Consciousness With Their Annoyance And Absurdity This E Book Takes A Light Hearted Descriptive Look At The Following 3 Areas Of Frustration Human Body That Which We Are Encased Within Besieges Us With Annoyances Such As Spots, Aches, Sickness, Balding And Rectal Dysfunction Oh, How It Taunts Us Society Everywhere We Go Is Almost A Manmade Hazard Designed To Cause Maximum Frustration As We Take Our Lives Into Our Own Hands With Road Crossings, Litter, Dog S Mess, Public Toilets, And Trying Our Best To Avoid Tripping Over Argh Loose Paving Stones Communication Our Fellow Humans Lure Us Into A World Of Timewasting As They Trick Us With Their Spamming And Uttering Words They Really Need Not Had Bothered Muttering We All Go Through A Great Deal As A Human And We Don T Moan About These So Called Minor Annoyances That Much So Let This E Book Vent Your Inner Frustration Of Life Strife.