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The King Must Die (The Isabella Books, #2) England, 1326 Edward II Has Been Dethroned Queen Isabella And Her Lover, Sir Roger Mortimer, Are At The Pinnacle Of Their Power Fated To Rule, Isabella S Son Becomes King Edward III At The Callow Age Of Fourteen Young Edward, However, Must Bide His Time As The Loyal Son Until He Can Break The Shackles Of His Minority And Dissolve The Regency Council Which Dictates His Every Action When The Former King Is Found Mysteriously Dead In His Cell, The Truth Becomes Obscured And Isabella Can No Longer Trust Her Own Memory Or Confide In Those Closest To Her Meanwhile, She Struggles To Keep Her Beloved Mortimer At Her Side And Gain Yet Another Crown France S For The Son Who No Longer Trusts Her Amidst A Maelstrom Of Shifting Loyalties, Accusations Of Murder Propel England To The Brink Of Civil War In The Sequel To Isabeau, Secrecy And Treason, Conspiracy And Revenge Once Again Overtake England The Future Rests In The Hands Of A Mother And Son Whose Bonds Have Reached A Breaking Point.