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Vainglorious Sun What Might The Coordinated Behavior Of Ant Colonies, Where No Individual Ants Are In Charge, Have To Do With Ancient Notions Of Spirit And Soul Vainglorious Sun Is A Philosophical Mystery Thriller At The Cutting Edge Of Science And The Mystical Unknown Famed Biologist Xavier Del Rojo Reino Is An Environmentalist, A Genius, And A Direct Descendent Of The Last Mayan Kings He Is Also, Quite Possibly, Insane Recognizing A Link Between The Modern Concept Of Swarm Intelligence And Ancient Notions Of Spirit And Soul, Dr Rojo Reino Has Come To Believe He Can Commune With The Spirits Of The Forests He Has Heard Their Desperate Pleas For Mercy He Has Become Consumed By Their Wailing Cries For Revenge He Intends To Perform The Ultimate Sacrifice To Restore Balance And Harmony To The Universe Documentary Film Maker Jared Foster Travels To Guatemala To Save His Beloved Rainforests From Development With The Help Of His Beautiful But Volatile Lover And A Loyal Anthropologist Friend, He Gathers Clues To An Unfolding Prophecy Of Apocalypse People Have Been Mysteriously Disappearing From The Region, The Mayans Predict The End Of Time, And A Satellite Dish Atop A Remote Jungle Ruin Hints At The Resurgence Of A Conquered Race Though Jared Travels To Save The Environment, He Will Be Forced To Make An Unexpected Decision Nature, It Seems, Has Already Found A Champion And It Is No Longer The Rainforests That Are In Danger Previously Published As The Shaman Science, Nature, Prophecy