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How I Slept My Way to the Middle One Of Comedy Central S Top 100 Stand Up Comedians Of All Time, Award Winning Dramatic Actor, And An Internet Pioneer, Kevin Pollak Has Done It All For Thirty Years And Is Ready To Spill The Beans Best Known For Performances In A Few Good Men And The Usual Suspects, He Shares Never Before Heard Stories Of Film Legends Like De Niro, Hanks, Howard, Lemon, Loren, Lucas, Martin, Mathau, Reiner, Scorcese, Singer, Willis, And He Turned Down His First Invitation To Do Stand Up On The Tonight Show Because He Knew That He D Have A Bigger Impact If He Sat Next To Johnny Instead Of Performing Onstage When He Gambled For A Spot On The Most Coveted Couch In Showbiz, He Had No Agent, No Auditions, No Prospects But His Gut Was Right A Year Later, His First Sit With The King Of Late Night Led To Three Visits A Year, Every Year, Until Carson Retired Now A New Media Entrepreneur, Pollak Is Laughing Proof That You Can Do Anything You Want Except Have A Rational Conversation With Rip Torn, Who S An Evil, Paranoid %.