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Romar Jones Takes a Hike When His 9th Grade Language Arts Teacher Tells Him To Pay Attention To The Poetry Assignment Or Take A Hike, Romar Opts For The Hike, Walks Out Of Roseburg Oregon High School And Embarks On A Journey To Find His Mother He Figures That Shouldn T Be Too Hard She S In Prison In Washington Romar Lived With His Dad And Granny For Thirteen Years When His Dad Died In An Accident, Romar And His Granny Moved In With Relatives Who Didn T Really Want Them Granny And Basketball Kept Romar Going For The Next Two Years, But Now Granny Is Dead, The Basketball Season Is Over And His Uncle Plans To Pawn Him Off On Other Relatives Before She Died, Romar Promised Granny He D Get Some Of Her Ashes To Smelt Sands Beach On The Oregon Coast Heading There First, Before Hiking North To Washington, Feels Like His Best Shot.