[Ebook] ➠ Wild Land By Kathryn Hogan – Horsebackridingindiana.us

Wild Land Growing Up In Civilized Lila, Elizabeth S Only Knowledge Of The Wild Land Is What She S Heard In Ghost Stories Around The Fire But When She Arrives As Part Of A Colonizing Mission, She Finds That She S Been Here Before She Remembers Growing Up Here, Getting Married, Wishing For A Family, And Having Her Dreams Destroyed She Remembers Running From A Terrible, Inhuman Enemy, And Watching Her People Slaughtered Now It Seems That The Colony Is Part Of A Calculated Plot To Spread The Ancient Evil That Decimated The Wild Land And It S People Millennia Ago If Elizabeth Remembers Right, This Evil Will Consume All Of Humanity, And Destroy Life On Earth In The Process That Plot Is Already In Motion, And Elizabeth Is The Only One Who Knows How Dangerous The Wild Land Can Be She Should Know The Last Time She Was Here, She Didn T Make It Out Alive.