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Treasure Islands Ebook Treasure Islands Author Nicholas Shaxson Jackkellyfilm.co.uk A Thrilling Ride Inside The World Of Tax Havens And Corporate MastermindsWhile The United States Experiences Recession And Economic Stagnation And European Countries Face Bankruptcy, Experts Struggle To Make Sense Of The Crisis Nicholas Shaxson, A Former Correspondent For The Financial Times And The Economist, Argues That Tax Havens Are A Central Cause Of All These Disasters.In This Hard Hitting Investigation He Uncovers How Offshore Tax Evasion, Which Has Cost The U.S 100 Billion Dollars In Lost Revenue Each Year, Is Just One Item On A Long Rap Sheet Outlining The Damage That Offshoring Wreaks On Our Societies In A Riveting Journey From Moscow To London To Switzerland To Delaware, Shaxson Dives Deep Into A Vast And Secret Playground Where Bankers And Multinational Corporations Operate Side By Side With Nefarious Tax Evaders, Organized Criminals And The World S Wealthiest Citizens Tax Havens Are Where All These Players Get To Maximize Their Own Rewards And Leave The Middle Class To Pick Up The Bill.With Eye Opening Revelations, TreasureIslands Exposes The Culprits And Its Victims, And Shows How Over Half Of World Trade Is Routed Through Tax Havens The Rampant Practices That Precipitated The Latest Financial Crisis Can Be Traced Back To Wall Street S Offshoring Practices For Every Dollar Of Aid We Send To Developing Countries, Ten Dollars Leave Again By The BackdoorThe Offshore System Sits Much Closer To Home Than The Pristine Tropical Islands Of The Popular Imagination In Fact, It All Starts On A Tiny Island Called Manhattan In This Fast Paced Narrative, TreasureIslands At Last Explains How The System Works And How It S Contributing To Our Ever Deepening Economic Divide.